Looking for the most proactive and professional security agency? Selecting the right security for your business is an important decision you’ll make. You need more than a standard security guard sitting at a desk on your property or business. Special Security Patrol, we consult, identify and create a special security package that caters to YOUR needs. We can provide a rapid response to your location within minutes and if desired provide just as fast Law Enforcement Officers if you wish that is provided by the Law Enforcement Officers of NC Special Police. Contact us today, we will gladly call you to discuss your security options. We are passionate about protecting our client's. Special Security Patrol upholds the highest standards in security professionalism and will provide a service unbeatable by others.

The fact that we are on your site, we are proactive instead of reactive.


We currently have a Training Facility that is second to none, with a Certified Instructor from North Carolina Criminal Justice Academy. We accomplish all yearly In-Service training requirements in-house.  We can provide outside agencies refresher courses or even basic requirements to become North Carolina Certified Law Enforcement Officers. Some of the classes we offer are as follows:

  • Taser Certification/Re-cert
  • Rapid Deployment/Active Shooter
  • L.E. Firearms
  • Explosive and Hazmat-Awareness/Operations
  • First Responder
  • General Courses
  • L.E. Physical Fitness
  • SCAT
  • Security Officer Certification
  • Armed Security Certification

We have a great advantage over laudantium-duty officers. We carry our own workman's compensation insurance, liability insurance, and automobile insurance.
When you hire off-duty officers from your local police agency, you are liable for any workman's compensation or claims due to the actions of the officer you are employing. Also, working for you is our primary job, you don’t have to worry about a priority system or if the service you need is at second best.

01. Special Events/School Resource              Officers

Work to reduce juvenile delinquency rates by establishing close contact with students and to build positive relationships with them. SROs also conduct security inspections, monitor crime statistics and work with local police and students to design crime prevention strategies.

02. Traffic Control/Enforcement &                 Accident Investigation

Enforce all NC General Statutes and Conduct accident investigations thoroughly and in a timely manner

03. Criminal Investigations/Community           Watch Programs

Comprised of commissioned peace officers and crime analysts who undertake a wide range of investigations and activities to support detection, prevention, and prosecution of crime.  Investigates and supports the prosecution of both violent crimes and white-collar crimes,  

04. Emergency Medical Assistance

Respond with the care and treatment of acutely ill or injured patients who need immediate medical attention.

05. 24/7 Emergency Response &                  Dispatch

On duty 24/7 with Highly trained officers and dispatchers to get you the required assistance.

06. Community & Property                           Patrols/Access Control

Our Patrol Service can be implemented for nearly any types of properties. We specialize in apartment and residential communities and our company operations are tailored around Patrol and Response Services.

07. Special Events & Private Parties

08. Restaurant Security

09. Churches

10. Oversize Load Escorts

11. Night Club Security

12. Construction Site Security

13. Shopping Centers/Retail Outlets

14. Apartment Complexes/Gated           Communities/Hotels